The Formal:

In the heritage building of 8 Duke Street, Gympie, the AWAKE Studio finds it's tangible home.  The studio hosts movement and dance classes, catering to various styles, skill levels and age groups for both male and female participants.

Movement classes, which are soulful, expressive and flowing, are delivered with the same gusto and quality as our technical classes, such as Jazz and Ballet.

Classes are run on a pay-per-term schedule, with pricing calculated per age group and attendance level (1-3 classes per week).

Holiday programs are also run for those wanting to experience AWAKE without the commitment or time to do so regularly.

We invite you to explore our timetable, here, and our events page, here, to decide on which classes suit you or your littlies best.
To view our beautiful space and the existing family at AWAKE, our gallery is here, and to learn more about the studio's founder, click here

The Essence:

Founder Abby Wake's vision for AWAKE was to create a sanctuary for women artists to come together, create, perform, and feel supported in their pursuits.
Thus, AWAKE is a space focused on mentoring, safety and awakening.

Movement, as the core of AWAKE's empowerment, allows women of all abilities, physical appearances, beliefs and lifestyles to find their unity and community at the studio.

The effects of these classes and the relationships fostered inside of them extend well beyond the designated time frames of each class. 

You will always enter the studio to a community that is full of joy, love and deep flowing respect for what it means to be a woman. 

In January of 2017, we commissioned Jazmyn Smith to create a videography series for the studio, exploring the pillars of the AWAKE Movement.
Watch the series here.

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