An Interview with Abby Wake, by Jazmyn Smith Videography (2017)

Abby Wake has been an artist from the moment she started moving her legs and using her voice.

She grew up a dancer in Kansas and moved to Los Angeles at the tender age of seventeen to pursue her dream of becoming a professional performer.
Wake has studied under some of the best teachers in the industry both for dance and acting. She performed in several music videos with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Daddy Yankee and Kelly Rowland and found herself, not surprisingly, wanting to engage in the realm of acting.

She has been on shows such as ‘About a Boy’ and ‘Cougar Town’ and had a recurring role on last seasons ‘Kingdom’.
Wake has also written and produced her own plays that have been staged in the Hollywood Fringe Festival and in local (Los Angeles) theatres.

Wake enjoyed the hustle of the industry in Hollywood, she also felt that she had a greater purpose in the industry. Thus in 2013, Wake created the tangible AWAKE Studio, because she wanted to give back to the voice of female expression in Los Angeles.

Wake's vision for AWAKE was to create a sanctuary for women artists to come together, create, perform, and feel supported in their art.
And so, continuing her love for movement and teaching, she started a new program that focused on physicality and being more connected to your body.

Having been well trained in tap, hip-hop, African funk, and more, these classes have a way of making their students really come alive, helping them as Wake put it "to find their own groove".

In 2016, the first year during which AWAKE was a fully operational business, Wake received the Gympie Council's esteemed 'Small Business of The Year' award. Herself, and the studio, have been whole-heartedly embraced by the local community. 
In 2017, she is very excited to continue her journey with AWAKE Studio, as a movement teacher, but more importantly helping women find peace, and find beauty in their bodies and souls.