AWAKE Retreats are kept to small, intimate group numbers to ensure that each individual is given a substantial amount of safety, attention and room to breathe and BE.  
Booking your place in a retreat is easy, however each step must be followed in a timely manner to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
As we only ask for a modest deposit fee, AWAKE Studio does not offer refunds at any stage of the process. We do however offer personalised payment plans, and free transfers and accomodation between flights, as well as some meals, to assist in keeping each retreat as affordable as possible. 


Read in detail about our upcoming retreats to select the right one for you.
Each retreat is slightly different, offering specific activites and end goals, in different locations around the world. Choose one that 'feels right' for you. 


Calculate your budget to ensure you can afford to invest in your chosen retreat. Information on deposit cost, retreat cost, payment plans, flight or travel costs and payment deadlines are specified on each retreat page. All pricing is in AUD (Australian Dollars). You may like to use this tool to convert your currency.

Once you understand your payment commitment, contact us here, or on our Facebook page with your name, email information, and which retreat you would like to attend.
We will then send you our AWAKE Studio bank deposit details.
Once we have received your deposit amount in full, your place on your selected retreat is secured, and you will be added to a private Facebook group with other members of your chosen retreat! Here you can discuss any questions you have and stay updated.


All payments have a cut off date on which to be paid in full.
In the mean time, if travelling internationally, be sure to get your passport and any relevant visa's in order to ensure a smooth transition between countries, as well as ensuring you will have some converted currency for your destination of travel, for emergencies and meals between travel, etc. 
If you need any help with this process, we are available to guide you, however it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your international travel is legal and organised. 


You've paid for your space at the retreat in full, you've booked any flights or travel needed, and you've blocked out time off of work or study (and gotten the kids minded!) and so, it's time to head off to immerse yourself in an AWAKE Retreat! 
We recommend packing clothing that is easy to move and breathe in, and is relevant to the climate of your destination. Via your retreat Facebook Page, or via email, you will have been given information on finalised itinerary's and any other valuable notes.
You are now ready to depart and experience The AWAKE Movement. 

Request a full copy of our terms and conditions and refund policy, here.