BALI 2018

What is The AWAKE Movement?

AWAKE Studio is thrilled to announce it's metamorphosis into 'The AWAKE Movement'; a global initiative to connect & heal all women, through a series of retreats hosted on every continent throughout the world.


These multi-day retreats provide a space for women of all backgrounds to come together in total safety, to share in our highly acclaimed movement classes, unique relaxation activities, nourishing meals and communal gatherings which promote internal healing & confidence, by focussing on identity. 

From Costa Rica, Los Angeles and Hawaii, to Australia, India and Bali, the Movement is set to unfurl around the globe. And while we understand that modern women often fail to find the time, drive or budget to travel, we invite you to truly explore our retreat options as an investment in your Being; a time spent paving the foundations of empowerment, clarity and peace that will stay within your essence as you venture back out into the world. 



What will I experience on an AWAKE Retreat?

Each retreat is unique in it's specific purpose and thus will vary slightly from one another, however a typical retreat may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Complimentary Massages 
  • Multiple Daily AWAKE Movement Classes
  • Communal Campfires
  • Nature Immersion and Tours
  • Meditation
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Swimming
  • Journaling 
  • Skill Classes (eg. Chocolate Making, Jewellery Making)

More vital than any activity though, is the experience of finding genuine, long-term connections with other women and mothers during the retreat. Each retreat is guided by Abby Wake and other specialty instructors and AWAKE Team Members, meaning that we are always present to protect your personal boundaries and to prompt you to remain present and open to the beautiful experience of being on retreat. 

It is important to bring a positive, community spirited attitude to a retreat, but we also welcome your sadness, pain, discomfort and anxiety; we are here to explore those things together, in total safety, and in total love.


Why Women Only?

AWAKE Studio was, from the very beginning, established as a predominately safe place for women. By offering exclusive access to mothers and women, we are better able to connect within our shared experiences on the points of motherhood, feminine energy, and the unique challenges and triumphs associated with being Woman.
We promote pride and self love across all genders, however we have found our calling and connection specifically with just one, and believe that there are other, more relevant organisations set to deal with the unique experiences of men and other genders.  


It is easy to book a place in one of our retreats. See here, or contact us for assistance. Spaces are limited to provide an intimate, safe setting on retreat.